Where We Fish

Lake Iliamna (ill-ee-AM-nuh), the terminal spawning grounds of our salmon, is the largest freshwater lake in Alaska. Our Red Salmon are harvested out of Bristol Bay near the mouth of the Kvichak River which is the only outlet leading from Lake Iliamna. The Vantrease family homestead is located at the north eastern most tip of the lake near the Iliamna River.

Our salmon are born in water so clean and pure that we drink from it unfiltered. We work to protect this pristine ecosystem by partnering with groups like Trout Unlimited to safeguard the Iliamna watershed from destructive developments such as open pit mining.

For over a decade our fishery had been Marine Stewardship Council certified- signifying the ocean, rivers and lake where our wild sockeye grow are part of a healthy and pure marine ecosystem. Recently the state of Alaska has pursued a different certification option through the state, which has been a model for sustainably managed fisheries world-wide.