Portland Oregon Share Details


We provide the highest quality wild salmon to households across the city of Portland at affordable prices. Over the years Portland families have eaten healthier, and saved a bundle on their grocery bill. In fact, compared to average Portland grocery store prices, Portlanders have saved over half a million dollars buying through our program since we started it in 2008! Watch a short four-minute video to learn more about our salmon.

What Is A Salmon Share?

A share is an ownership of part of the harvest. A single share of our salmon harvest consists of 21 lbs of premium wild sockeye salmon harvested from our Alaska fishery, which has been certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, and most recently by the State of Alaska. In fact, many of the photos in the certification guide are of our family!

The 21 lbs of salmon are made up of about 14 individually vacuum sealed and flash frozen fillets. This amount can fit easily into a standard refrigerator/freezer, and only uses up about half of the space. Each fillet weighs approximately 1.50 lbs and serves 4-5. One share works out to be salmon for dinner once-a-month for the year. The price of a share that is picked up locally here in Portland Oregon is $238, which is $11.33/lb.

Salmon share members agree to pay for an entire season of wild salmon with a 50% deposit due upfront. This early deposit enables your fishermen to plan for the season, purchase necessary supplies, and ensures a committed buyer. Shares are distributed to members during the months of August and September.

Portland Oregon Pick Up Options

Each member picks up their salmon share on one of our pre-arranged pick up days from our location in inner Southeast Portland (1140 SE 7th Ave).

How Can I Order?

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