Winter Cold-Smoked Share Details

Who Are We?

Iliamna Fish Co. is a family-owned cooperative of fishermen; we've been fishing together on the Bering Sea in Bristol Bay, Alaska for three generations. For the past several years, we've been inviting individuals to take part in our sustainable (MSC-certified and Monterey Bay Aquarium-recommended) wild sockeye salmon fishery, as shareholders in our harvest.

What Are We Offering?

For the holiday season, we are offering 2.5 lb shares of our cold-smoked wild Alaskan sockeye salmon. As it is a seasonal luxury, the shares in this year’s cold-smoked offering are indeed limited.

How Are Our Wild Sockeye “Cold-Smoked”?

We’ve teamed up once again with our friends at the Mount Kisco Smokehouse, who have carefully cold-smoked our wild Alaskan sockeye (caught by us on our boats) in their beautiful German kiln. Each 2.5 lb share consists of approximately 2 whole, cold-smoked wild sockeye fillets. Our fillets are traditionally cured (with salt and sugar only, using NO nitrites or nitrates) and then gently cold-smoked at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. They are vacuum-sealed and packed whole, with the skin-on. They are un-sliced (so you can slice them at home and choose how thin you’d like them to be.)

Two-And-A-Half (2.5) Pound Shares

Your share order will contain 2.5 pounds of our cold-smoked wild Alaskan sockeye. The fillets are unsliced and packed whole. They are a scarlet dream of melting firmness. The cost is $80 for a 2.5 lb share.

Pick-Up Location

You will pick up your order at one of our three locations. (On the next page, when you sign up, you will choose which day/location you’d like.)

How Can I Sign Up?

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