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It’s from here -- where there are rusted canning vessels, broken boardwalks and literal human skulls poking out of the ground -- that a group of fishermen are helping to change what it means to catch fish in Bristol Bay.

On Earth

"Let me tell you a little bit about your fish," Emily Nicolson said on a recent Saturday. She was handing a brown-paper package containing half a dozen vacuum-sealed salmon fillets to two women wearing square-framed glasses, their arms already weighed down with tote bags full of vegetables. The three were standing in a leafy park in the heart of brownstone Brooklyn.

Portland Monthly

This month, hundreds of city dwellers will troop to cold-storage warehouses in Southeast Portland and Williamsburg, Brooklyn, armed with coolers and tote bags, to claim fish harvested in a place where the lumberjack look is worn without irony. The Iliamna Fish Company bases its hopes on these self-motivated consumers, in a variation on the now familiar community supported agriculture (CSA) model.

The Wall Street Journal

One longtime supporter is David Shea, co-owner and chef at Applewood in Brooklyn, N.Y. "We don't use frozen anything and would never think of salmon because it is not local and it is a cliche. And then we met Christopher," Shea says. "Philosophically, he is just like all of the growers we use. He catches, freezes, ships it himself. The fish is sashimi quality."

Apricot-Glazed Salmon with Bok Choy

Ever since I gave into that salmon CSA, it's been salmon du jour whenever company was around. And not just any salmon, but meaty, intense red and flavorful wild salmon, caught by some now-friend.

Cured Salmon Gravelax

What a luxurious working-day lunch. It's casual and uncomplicated to make - an open-faced sandwich - but on top of this bread lies slices of home-cured wild-caught red Alaska salmon surrounded by jewels from the garden.

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Read reviews from customers participating in our Portland, OR salmon share membership program. If you're a member of our salmon share feel free to share your experience here!

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Now, members of Dancing Roots Farm -- Sirkin's CSA -- also can preorder Alaskan sockeye salmon from Bristol Bay. Carley Shaut, 31, of Parkrose jumped at the chance. "Shari sent out an e-mail a month ahead of time -- it was a pretty easy decision for us to make." The offer was 20-plus pounds of sockeye -- filleted, flash-frozen and vacuum packed -- from a sustainable Bristol Bay fishery.

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This week we are excited to introduce a hardworking crew of native Alaskan fishermen who are on the water for the next two weeks touring its fishery located deep within the Iliamna watershed near Bristol Bay, Alaska in search of fresh sockeye salmon.

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Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is far more than just intensely rich flavor, it's good for you and easy to prepare. Line caught wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon, as compared to farm raised salmon, is a very vibrant red color, more flavorful, and richer in healthy nutrients. A single portion has seven times more Omega-3's than any fish oil capsule available, and triple the daily requirement of vitamin D. Its benefits are praised by chefs, for the flavor and dermatologists promoting anti-aging, alike. We've found a great source for you - the Iliamna Fish Company.