Our Harvest

Wild Alaskan salmon stocks are protected by a simple charter: Fish come first. Biologists monitor some 15,000 streams during the spawning season, or "run" that occurs during the months of June and July. When sufficient numbers of fish have successfully entered spawning areas, we are allowed to fish. These diligent biologists assure that, instead of overfishing and destroying our way of life, we will be able to fish for years to come.

Set net fishing is restricted by law to nets that measure 50 fathoms long by 2 fathoms deep (300 feet by 12 feet), per commercial set net permit.

In Alaska, all commercial, subsistence and sport fishing is rigorously regulated by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game-there are no exceptions. 40 years of steadfast management has made Bristol Bay a model for sustainable fisheries. Outside of subsistence fishing rights for indigenous peoples, no fishing is allowed until the Dept. of Fish and Game has determined that sufficient numbers of fish have escaped to their natal rivers, streams and lake to spawn.