Our Fishermen

Much as a knot binds the net, Iliamna Fish Company is bound to its fishermen. We are an immediate and extended family of 25 members - an organization founded in and sustained by fish.

During the winters, some of us wear pilot's helmets, some wield craftsmen's tools, some shoulder accountant's briefcases, some wear mother's aprons, other's student's backpacks-but everyone in our family is dependent on the annual harvest to sustain them. Apart from the costs of processing and shipping, every purchase from Iliamna Fish Company goes into the hands of the fisherman. This direct exchange builds trust with our customers and inspires our fishermen to provide the best product possible.

Although some members of our family live outside the Iliamna watershed, we are committed to sustaining the land and water that provides our livelihood and that continues to make our community possible. One family member served as Chairman of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute for many years, another serves on the Lake Iliamna Salmon Advisory Committee, which oversees the sustainable management of our watershed. Another works closely with Ecotrust, an organization dedicated to preserving our natural resources through sustainable business practices. As a whole family, we are members of Salmon Nation, a Pacific coastal collective that recognizes the interdependence of our lives with the environment. We concur with Salmon Nation and believe that healthy salmon stocks act as litmus to the overall environmental health of a region.