Our Fish

Iliamna Fish Company proudly offers one of Alaska's finest wild fish - the sockeye salmon. Of the five Pacific salmon species, wild Alaskan sockeye salmon have the deepest color and the highest Omega-3 oil content, an essential fatty acid that has been proven* to fight heart disease. High in protein and the richest in fat content after king salmon, sockeye are also abundant with naturally occurring anti-oxidants.

Sockeye salmon, unlike all other salmonidae, are exclusive filter feeders. Sockeye consume only microorganisms, particularly, a kind of plankton bountiful in North Pacific waters. This unique diet gives the brilliant color and firm flesh that makes sockeye special.

Much like a wine is identified and prized according to the region where its grapes are grown, our fish are a direct reflection of the Lake Iliamna watershed. Iliamna Fish Company sockeye are unique for their size- slightly larger than the salmon of neighboring regions; for their smell- delicately sweet with a hint of minerals; and for their deep, crimson-colored flesh.

Although exported to Europe and prized in Japan, sockeye salmon have been largely unknown in the U. S. With the successful marketing of "Copper River Red" sockeye salmon, sockeye specific to another river and drainage, Americans began to eat sockeye salmon for the first time. As our national palate continues to mature, more Americans have begun to appreciate sockeye's brilliant color, firm flesh, and fine taste--as well as its natural health benefits.

*Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, April 2004